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Posture orthosis

mannequin with a posture
Single piece manufactured with elastic fabric and a reinforcement which acts as a pad in the upper area, has double fabric in the dorsal spine, it´s not adjustable and has white color. Hyperkyphosis correction.

 Made with: elastic fabric.  

Suitable for: acts by reminding the patient of the correct posture, doesn't allow shoulder ante version. Ideal for students and office personal.  

Not suitable for: using time should be prescribed, incorrect use may cause damage in the bicipital groove through hyper-pressure, or damage in the chest and back muscles. Wash frequently with water and neutral soap and let it dry properly to avoid skin injuries. It's very important to carefully choose the size, so it doesn't get to tight or loose.  

Available references
Reference Size Thorax perimeter
X-1301-100 small 75 cm-85 cm
X-1301-200 medium 82 cm-92 cm
X-1301-300 large 90 cm-100 cm
X-1301-400 X-large 98 cm- 108 cm

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