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Hyperextension brace with traditional fastener

Hyperxtension brace with traditional fastener
Designed to keep the spinal column in hyperextension. Controls lateral movements, contains a pelvic band completely lined, padded and contoured, which controls the anterior superior iliac spines avoiding uncomfortable pressures in the bladder, features an easy to use side zipper. The pelvic band contains a spring coil which allows the necessary basculation to bend the abdomen. The anterior superior support is also basculating adapting to any movement. Suitable for vertebral fractures, osteoporosis, vertebral arthritis, etc.

Made with: duraluminium structure.

Suitable for: dorsal and high spinal column fractures, vertebral wedging, osteoporosis, luxations, epiphysitis, osteochondritis, vertebral arthritis. In multiple cases they can replace cast immobilization after neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, oncologic procedures and others.

Not suitable for:  don’t adjust the brace, a safe and correct adjustment it´s only possible if performed by qualified medical personal, therapy duration should also be set by a physician. If skin problems, cytotoxicity, or sensibility occur because of the construction materials, consult your physician. The use of a cotton or linen shirt under the brace is recommended.

Available references
Referencia Talla Altura Perímetro cadera
X-pequeña 23 cm-30 cm 78 cm-84 cm
X-9030-101 pequeña 23 cm-30 cm 84 cm-90 cm
X-9030-201 mediana 26 cm-33 cm 84 cm-90 cm
X-9030-202 grande 26 cm-33 cm 90 cm-102 cm
X-9030-304 X-grande 29 cm-36 cm 96 cm-112 cm

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