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Bravo carbon foot

Bravo foot

Made from carbon fiber, saves the energy produced in each step, providing impulse strength to the march. Ideal for patients with labour or sport related activities that require their prosthetics to perform, can be used in long limbs. The foot´s structure is divided in two, allowing the foot´s lateral forces (Inversion and Eversion) and providing extra stability. Very flexible, light and endurable. Connection with slight alignment male clamp. Provided with its cosmetic and a spectra socket to avoid noises and minimize friction.


Heel Height: 10 mm

Maximum Weight: 100 kg

Bravo foot video Bravo foot video

Available references
Reference Size
P-1835-22L 22 cm left
P-1835-22R 22 cm right
P-1835-23L 23 cm left
P-1835-23R 23 cm right
P-1835-24L 24 cm left
P-1835-24R 24 cm right
P-1835-25L 25 cm left
P-1835-25R 25 cm right
P-1835-26L 26 cm left
P-1835-26R 26 cm right
P-1835-27L 27 cm left
P-1835-27R 27 cm right
P-1835-28L 28 cm left
P-1835-28R 28 cm right
P-1835-29L 29 cm left
P-1835-29R 29 cm right

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