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Laniakea 55 Laniakea 55

Laniakea 55

Economic single-phase milling machine, special for manufacturing two pairs of templates in Eva material with CAD-CAM technology, it has its own control software. It includes a vacuum system to hold the piece to be milled and with an integrated installation for the incorporation of a suction.

The milling machine is closed with an easy-lift pneumatic opening system.

It is supplied with a support table where the vacuum motor is installed.

Robust steel and aluminium frame, table in one sector and spindle transmission on all axes.

Profiled rail linear bearings with 15mm recirculating balls without slack.

Speed: 15,000 mm / min

Resolution: 0.005mm

Machine dimension: 620 x 880 mm

Work area: 350x260 (1 sector)

Milling motor: 1.5 CV x 24,000 r.p.m. Elte engine

Stepper motor: Sanyo Denky

Screen: Tex Computer 7 "screen

End of stroke detection on all axes.

The milling machine is configured to work with Eva, changing its configuration and its milling cutter can work with other materials.

Its fairing allows greater control of machining chips or dust, as well as dampens the noise of milling.

Laniakea 55

Its design allows the entire electronic system to be removed, in this way a cheaper and faster technical service can be performed.

Laniakea 55 measurements
Laniakea 55 measurements

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Fresadora Laniakea 55, con sistema de vacio incorporado, fresa preparada para el trabajo con material eva especial soportes plantares, caraneado y mesa de seguridad.

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