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Crutch with ergo soft grip

The english crutch or ergonomic crutch becomes year after year for Ortoibérica in its most demanded article. Years ago surpassed the figure of 100,000 pairs of English soft-grip crutches sold, and distributed mainly among orthopaedics in Spain and Portugal since the 90s, both orthopaedic technicians and patients point out various keys to explain the success of this orthopaedic aid:

-The ergonomic grip crutch is extremely light and yet very robust.
-Noise-free crutch thanks to the function of its K-UWM nut, which avoids contact between tubes.
-Non-skid natural rubber suction cap that keeps its elasticity even in the cold.
-Ergonomic handle soft, pleasant touch, which distributes and reduces the burden on the patient hand.
-Variety of colours and matching refills, which connect with the tastes of the patients.

Technical characteristics

-1.4mm thick aluminum tubes, with 20mm external diameter and 16mm internal diameter.
-Nylon forearm support with an elliptical shape and reinforcement ribs.
-Ergonomic soft grip (shore 35) interchangeable, fixed with a front screw.
-Adjustable length via clip
-Natural rubber suction cap with internal steel structure.
-Handle to elbow length: 23cm.
-Length from floor to handle: from 76 to 96cm.
-Maximum user weight: 130kg.
-Unit weight: 630gr.

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