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Cranial Orthosis Helios

child with a protection helmet on

Our correction helmet is a dynamic and progressive orthosis, which requires specific adjustment in order to obtain the desired results. The first of these objectives should be obtaining cranial symmetry. The application of the cranial correction orthosis should never change the cranial growth, but only its direction.

The orthopaedic treatment consists in providing total contact to the surfaces that are not supposed to grow, and expansion in areas where we want growing to happen. The critical period for the success of the treatment it´s between 4 and 12 months of age, while the baby head´s still actively growing.

If the shape of the baby´s head presents asymmetry, we should find when the orthosis is not used, safe postures for the head, so that the prominences can bear the weight, like this, areas that require growth are not pressured. The helmet should be cleaned every day.

For manufacturing the helmet it´s necessary to take a cast, and correctly fill in the measure sheet. For making the cast, read carefully the sheets presented in the lower area of the page.

Suitable for: plagiocephaly, braquicephaly, escafocephaly. Ask advice in other cases.

Not suitable for: Babys under 3 months of age, craniosynostosis, uncontrolled hydrocephaly, and child aged more than 24 months.

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