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Philadelphia collar

patient with a Philadelphia collar
The Philadelphia collar is manufactured in 10 mm thick Plastizote, with lightweight thermoplastic reinforcements which provide the required rigidity and stability. Adjustable bilateral Velcro hook and loop fasteners ensure proper fit both in the occipital area and mandible. Consists of two pieces, and contains an opening in the trachea which allows measuring the pulse in the carotid, and if needed to perform a tracheotomy. The cervical support restricts cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation, also reduces skin irritation other collars may produce. All materials allow X-rays.

Made with: 10 mm thick plastizote with lightweight thermoplastic reinforcements.

Suitable for:  light or moderated cervical sprains without stability, soft areas traumatism and other light cervical injuries, rheumatic processes (inflammatory or degenerative) with pain, cephalic support, etc.

Not suitable for: excessive compression. If skin irritation, sensitiveness or cytotoxicity is observed, remove the collar and ask advice to your physician. Overuse may produce psychological dependence, muscular weakness and symptom aggravation due to movement loss or inactivity.

 Available references
Reference Size Perimeter Height
X-2520-001 small 26 cm-32 cm 10 cm
X-2520-002 medium 32 cm-40 cm 11 cm
X-2520-003 large 40 cm-49 cm 12 cm

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