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Quality as a concept, probably this is the word that best describes the spirit of Ortoibérica. In our environment the quality process, is constantly renewed, in our understanding quality its not just about providing a working product. Every process that daily interferes with any sales act, making, storage, etc. is meticulously analyzed with the goal of improving.

We understand quality as a key concept of the company and as our work engine.

It´s difficult to measure quality, so we understand that we have to see it through the level of satisfaction of our customers. A happy customer: a quality process happened. A happy employee: a quality process happened.

A modern management of work makes us more effective, along with the implantation of new protocols based on our own experiences and in the demands of the market.

Sede central

Parque Tecnológico de Asturias
Parcela 1 - 33428 Llanera
Asturias - España
Tel. +34 985 794 800
Fax. +34 985 794 810

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