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aantiguas instalaciones de ortoiberica aantiguas instalaciones de ortoiberica
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Founded June 30, 1985 has a family company, trying to serve the orthopaedic area, in a moment when both the Spanish and Portuguese market were still undeveloped. Since the beginning and has the company name refers, the objective was to serve the peninsular market, serving the Spanish and Portuguese market in the same way.

We started with the distribution of F.W. Kraemer, and thanks to the support that the Muller family owner of the brand, as well as the responsible for the international sales Sr. Schoppof,  we managed to open a hole in the market for Ortoibérica, becoming a reference in materials, tools, machinery, insoles, etc. With this first distribution, many others have followed like Adimem, Frasaco, Degussa, etc, accomplishing a growing variety.

Year after year the company got bigger, and year after year it got capitalized, increasing the products as well as the number of customers. With a constant growing, this company changed their headquarters according to its needs, changing from a small warehouse of 56 square meters in the José Maldonado Street in Oviedo, to Regenta Street, to Promogranda Poligono, and to the actual location in the Parque Tecnológico.

Our distributions increased with companies from the United States, among them were companies such as Becker Orthopedic, Ohio Willow Wood, Alps, etc, which contributed to the stability of the company, and gave the advantage of not depending on a currency.

When Spain joined the European Community, the role of distributor changed in our country, and Ortoibérica faced this situation not only with apprehension, but also has an opportunity to start developing own products and brands, which allowed  the company  to enter in international markets  as a seller. For this purpose, the company developed a series of own brands, such as Texton, Perfect Line, and I´m Fine, this happened as the Orthopaedic area was regulated in Spain.

Ortoibérica is constantly growing, having a presence in markets in countries such as the United States, Germany, México, France, Portugal, Belgium, South Africa, Chile, etc. and being one of the most important companies in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

In the year 2007 besides changing our facilities to the Parque Tecnológico in Asturias, Ortoibérica became pioneer in the Spanish market, by having a full CAD CAM system for the Orthopaedics area.

Sede central

Parque Tecnológico de Asturias
Parcela 1 - 33428 Llanera
Asturias - España
Tel. +34 985 794 800
Fax. +34 985 794 810

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