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Baby protection helmet

baby with a pink helmet in the hospital

Made with a 6,4 mm thick perforated soft foam, creating a head protection helmet for the new born. A gentle strap in the mental area keeps the helmet in its place. The helmet can be reduced in its front part so it can be easily adapted, or in its back part so it can account for the occipital differences. In this case, the foam would lose the painting layer, but would keep its water-proof and washing properties.

The helmet was made to be adapted by an orthopaedic technician to the real needs of the baby.


Made with: inner cover in soft and ventilated foam, outside cover of hard polycarbonate.

Suitable for: when the baby´s head is still not completely formed, as protection after an operation to prevent possible knocks or that other children may touch this sensible area.

Not suitable for: not recommended for fever conditions.

Available references
Ref. Color Size Measure A Measure B Measure C
pink small 36 cm 24 cm 17 cm
X-8980-102 blue small 36 cm 24 cm 17 cm
X-8980-201 pink medium 39 cm 27 cm 20 cm
X-8980-202 blue medium 39 cm 27 cm 20 cm
X-8980-301 pink large 41 cm 29 cm 21 cm
X-8980-302 blue large 41 cm 29 cm 21 cm
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