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Mckie orthosis Mckie orthosis

McKie Pediatric Thumb Splint

TYPE CODE: OSD020A (Active thumb orthosis, prefabricated)

C.I.: O0011746

With the McKie thumb splint, you get the perfect combination of compression and functionality for both children and adults.
  • Made of a 1.5 mm thin layer of neoprene, which allows a correct exploration and manipulation of objects without limiting the functionality of the hand.
  • Exterior fabric composed of Nylon and velcro.
  • Available in blue. (On request it could be supplied in red, black, white, cream and pink).


  • Arthritis or pain in the thumb, arthrogryposis.
  • Cerebral palsy, altered sensitivity, stroke, or other neurological problems.
  • Weakness in the limb or the hand.


  • The accumulation of dirt, creams or oils can reduce the durability of the splint, so it is recommended to clean it 2 times a week.
  • Excessive heat could permanently damage the splint.
  • Before applying the splint, wash your hand with mild soap and dry well.
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Size choice

measurement for sizes

1.- Measurement A:

Measure the perimeter of the interphalangeal joint with the tape measure.

2.- Measurement B:

Measure with the tape measure (palmar area) the distance between the wrist fold and the interphalangeal joint.

3.- Find the measure in the tables that appear at the bottom.

Find the square where measurements A and B coincide.

4.- Make the measurements in each of the hands, and differentiate the side when ordering the size.

Available references

Referencia Lado Tipo Talla
MC-P1LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Pediatrico 1
MC-P1RROYALBLUE Derecho Pediatrico 1
MC-P2LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Pediatrico 2
MC-P2RROYALBLUE Derecho Pediatrico 2
MC-P3LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Pediatrico 3
MC-P3RROYALBLUE Derecho Pediatrico 3
MC-P4LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Pediatrico 4
MC-P4RROYALBLUE Derecho Pediatrico 4
MC-P5LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Pediatrico 5
MC-P5RROYALBLUE Derecho Pediatrico 5
MC-P6LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Pediatrico 6
MC-P6RROYALBLUE Derecho Pediatrico 6
MC-A1LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Adulto 1
MC-A1RROYALBLUE Derecho Adulto 1
MC-A2LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Adulto 2
MC-A2RROYALBLUE Derecho Adulto 2
MC-A3LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Adulto 3
MC-A3RROYALBLUE Derecho Adulto 3
MC-A4LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Adulto 4
MC-A4RROYALBLUE Derecho Adulto 4
MC-A5LROYALBLUE Izquierdo Adulto 5
MC-A5RROYALBLUE Derecho Adulto 5

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