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laniakea V100 laniakea V100

Laniakea V100

Robust three-phase vertical milling machine with steel frame, designed and manufactured for the milling of PU blocks, to reproduce shapes of orthopaedic moulds and final cosmetic covers, for lower limb prostheses.

Its handling is simple, using a high-resolution touch screen.

Spindle transmission: through x, y axes.

During the milling cycle, the machine enclosure is inaccessible to the operator, thus protecting their safety.

Optional: the machine can be supplied in addition to the special shaft for PU foams, with a shaft designed to hold cosmetic foam covers.

Ideal for the manufacture of circular shapes: corsets, prostheses, KAFOS, AFOS, cranial orthosis, etc.

A fast and inexpensive option.  No qualification or special training is required by the staff to use the Laniakea V100, or to configure the cam software.

Speed: 100mm / sec

Resolution: 0.005mm

Milling capacity: 605 x 1005 mm

Milling motor: 3CV x 24.000 r.p.m.

Laniakea V100 render

The Laniakea V100 milling machine can be installed in a network or isolated with the input of its files via USB.

Access to compressed air must be available for installation.

It is compatible with the Pi.Cas.So software. and with any software that has .stl output.

For its operation, you must have the LK-1900-900 software.

Supplied with the standard axis for blocks, a special axis for femoral cosmetics (LK-1400-212) can be added as an extra.

It is supplied with the standard milling cutter (LK-1400-201) included in the price of the machine, and the special cosmetic pack (LK-1400-202) can be supplied as an extra.

It is essential to connect it to a central or mobile aspiration, the machine includes an internal installation to be able to connect it to the aspiration. Can be supplied as an extra with the recommended suction (LK-1400-120).

Laniakea V100 measurements

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Laniakea vertical V100 con software de cam

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