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Einscan Pro +

EinScan Pro 2X + Scanner

Compact and light manufacturing (800 grams), a professional scanner with real-time 3D visualization during scanning, with simple software and export of files in obj, stl, asc and ply.

Support for Pi.Cas.So. and automatic integration of control marks made directly on the patient at the time of scanning, with the possibility of later viewing in the design phase of the Pi.Cas.So. High precision (<0.05mm), white light technology and 0.1mm resolution.

In less than thirty seconds we can scan the patient: a speed of 550,000 points/second.


Scanner connected to Pi.Cas.So.

Due to its precision and its possibilities, the scanner is considered the best option for the technical orthopaedic sector, being ideal both for large shapes such as seats, corsets, etc ... as well as for small shapes such as prostheses, cranial orthoses, epitheses, face masks, etc.

It can also be used as a professional podiatry scanner, it is a perfect tool to digitize the foot in load, to make plantar supports or footwear.

It is fully compatible with all orthopaedic software, including Pi.Cas.So.

The Einscan Pro + scanner allows, after digitizing the shape, to mark reference points on the model, which are also digitized and incorporated into the shape itself to be able to view them on the computer, so that specific points can be precisely marked before rectifying.

Einscan with the suitcase

Due to the importance of taking the mould, as a guarantee of a perfect finish; Ortoibérica only advises the use of a professional scanner such as the Einscan Pro +, and supplies it with the tables for its configuration, its network cables and connection to the computer, as well as a security case that helps with its transfer.

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Minimum requirements of the P.C.

- i5 or higher
- Minimum RAM memory. 8Gb
- Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 660 or better.
- Display memory:> 2Gb

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EinScan Pro+ software + licencia full Pi.Cas.So. anual-

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