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Step to Step 2D

Step to Step Scanner (1:1)

Compact 2D scanner, integrated into Pi.Cas.So. for taking pedigraphs under load of both feet at the same time, with extraordinary resolution, and in five seconds. Easy to transport (weight of 10 kgs), it is activated from a PC or laptop, being able to view or print the pedigraphy in real size.
Dimensions (mm): 600 x 410 x 75 
Weight: 10 kgs.
High resolution scanner, large A3 format.
Maximum scan size: 297 x 420 mm 
Resolution: 2400 dpi (H) x 2400 dpi (V)
Connection: USB 2.0
True color: 48-bit Color Scanning
Gray Mode: 16 bit, 8 bit
Text / Line Art: 1 bit
Scanning Area: 297mm x 420mm
1 mm thick galvanized sheet structure with EN 10424 certificate.
"Stratobel clear": 55.1 safety glass with EN 14449 certificate
Power adapter: 12V DC, 1.66A, 20W
Minimum computer requirements:
-Processor: Intel Pentium
-DDR memory: 512 MB
-Operating system: XP / Vista / W7 / W8 / W10
-Recommended monitor: 17". Resolution: 1024x768
-Recommended printer: A3 for 1: 1 printing
-USB ports: Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0
-Electrical connection: 12 V DC

It is integrated into the Pi.Cas.So. design software and it is also compatible with other design software.
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The Step to Step 2D scanner is activated from the "Pi.Cas.So." software. using your database. Before scanning, the relevant areas can be marked directly on the patient's skin (see attached photo), the scan will be made of both feet at the same time, so that later, with the software itself, the digitization of each one can be separated to be saved with the patient's data.

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Pi.Cas.So. software allows to make and keep in the patient's database, a foot geometry. Necessary and important information when choosing a more precise last for the positioning of the metatarsals, longitudinal arch, centre of the heel or for the manufacture of a custom plantar support.

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Scanner Step to Step

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